July 19, 2013

Basarab Nicolescu gives the opening talk "Multidisciplinarity, Interdisciplinarity, and Transdisciplinarity - Similarities and Differences", Workshop "Studying the Environment - Working Across Disciplines", Rachel Carson Center for Environment and Society, Lake Kochel, Germany.

Image at the dinner offered by the Romanian Prime Minister Victor Ponta in honor of the French Prime Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault at Villa Dante, Bucharest, on July 11th, 2013. From left to right: Radu Mihaileanu (movie maker), Victor Ponta, Anina Ciucea (student at the Sorbonne; author of the book "Je suis Tzigane et je le reste"), Jean-Marc Ayrault, Basarab Nicolescu (physicist and philosopher) et Georges Banu (theater studies). Radu Mihaileanu, Anina Ciucea, Basarab Nicolescu and Georges Banu have been invited by Jean-Marc Ayrault as Franco-Romanian personalities of France, to accompany him in his two-days visit in Romania.

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